Exhibition 1: Earworms

Opening:  6 to 8pm Thursday 08 January 2015

Exhibition continues:  09 January to 19 January 2015

Location: Gaffa gallery

281 Clarence Street Sydney

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm

Saturday: 11am-5pm

Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed


Sarah Lugton

Sarah Lugton

Penny Snars

Hannah Carlyle

Hannah Carlyle

Emma Bugg

Emma Bugg

Melinda Young

Melinda Young

A pop song that gets in your head, repeats over and over, and won’t go away is known as an “earworm”. The jewellery equivalent of an earworm is a piece of jewellery that you can’t stop wearing. You put it on every morning and organise the rest of your outfit around it. People give you compliments on it and you feel good when you see yourself in the mirror wearing it.

The exhibition includes very wearable earrings. These pieces are like pop songs because they are simple, catchy, unique and immediately recognisable as jewellery. As the opener for the series the mood of this exhibition will be upbeat and playful. It’s sure to be a real visual hit!



Michelle Genders


Exhibiting artists:

Adelina Parissi

Alison Mckellar

Brondwyn Vivian

Emma Bugg

Erin Keys

Hannah Carlyle

Jane Bowring

Jane Reynolds

Janny Huang Yokota

Jose Marin

Judyth Satyn

Karen Strang

Kate Hutchinson

Mark Vaarwerk

Melinda Young

Min-Ling Hsieh

Natalie Gock

Penny Snars

Sarah Lugton

Vanessa R Williams

Yu-Chun Chen


Illustrator Geoffrey Goodes will be doing a drawing on the walls of the gallery that will set the scene of the installation. It will be a surreal scene that provides a backdrop to all that glitters in earring forms. There will be a musical performance by singer-writer Seth Mortensen on the opening night. He will be playing some catchy pop melodies.


Thank you to Karen Strang for assisting with the implementation and resolution of the exhibition installation.


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