Michal Oren

Michal Oren

Michal Oren


Artist statement:

Words InForm

In the textual pieces appearing here, words and quotations are imposed or formed into metal. The word or idea takes on a concrete shape and becomes a real object, transforming the intangible into something you can touch, feel and hold.


The brooch Home was created for I Care A Lot: Middle East Portable Discussion. The concept of the brooch was to emphasize the contrast between the ideas of “land” and “territory” and “home” in an attempt to accentuate the significance of the ability to understand the other’s sense of home. When worn, the three-dimensional piece shifts between word and object, making its meaning more fluid and elusive.


The bracelet Make a Plan to Love Me is part of a series that includes quotations imposed in silver. The series toys with the significance of a piece of jewellery as a token of love.


Artist’s website


Michal will be exhibiting in the Comments exhibition in the Unlimited Substance series from 06 March to 16 March 2015.

Michal will also be exhibiting in Perfect mutations from 08 July to 19 July 2015.


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