Fiona Meller

Fiona Meller

Fiona Meller


I choose to make this series of guns as brooches, because of the position on the body where the brooch is worn. Like wearing a medal, it is a signal of power. Worn to impress. It also conveys to the world an aspect of the wearer’s character. The world that we live all too frequently brandishes the gun as a symbol of power, I chose to subvert that power by placing tiny scenes of discontent on top.

The brooches in this series are made using the lost wax casting method. The materials used are bronze, silver, stainless steel and cold enamel. Parts of the brooch have been hand carved as well as using moulds and collected objects.

The inspiration for this series comes from the news media. Images and comments that are relentlessly and repetitively thrown at us, I endeavour to interpret and recreate them.

The images I choose are provocative and sometimes humorous. Hopefully they will also inspire comment.


Artist’s website


Fiona will be exhibiting in the Comments exhibition in the Unlimited Substance series from 06 March to 16 March 2015.


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