Claire McArdle

Claire McArdle

Claire McArdle


About the work:

Neckpieces experienced once as wearable gilt forms. Experienced again as edible gilt beads revealing the true gold chain beneath. The pieces have not changed, they are as they always were. But the circumstances of perception have shifted.

If an illusion deceives your perception does it make the first understanding invalid?

Objects once untouchable, displayed on gallery walls are now free to be consumed. Something on the body to become something of the body. The chocolate interior of the bead, once masked, is used by our bodies as the piece performs a new energetic role. While the gilt exterior, once admired for its value giving properties, passes through to not affect. What is their value now?


About the materials:

Woven 18ct gold, 24ct gold leaf, chocolate.

The perception of these pieces changes but their materiality does not. Were they a truth wrapped in a deception? Or were they to    be perceived and perceived again with the available knowledge and accepted for their form and materiality?

Gone is the grand display of the beads, leaving behind the chain. Stripped of its original purpose, it must take on a new role. Is it a memory keeper for its previous form? Or is it free to be perceived as it is now? No longer gilty, just gold.


Artist’s website


Claire will be exhibiting in the Comments exhibition in the Unlimited Substance series from 06 March to 16 March 2015.


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