Lorena Lazard

Lorena Lazard

Lorena Lazard


Artist’s statement: I was born and raised in Mexico from a second generation of Jewish immigrants. I grew up surrounded by images and symbols which I couldn’t relate to. By combining traditional images and figurative elements from Mexican culture, in a contemporary form, I try to integrate a common ground between my past and my present.

My work is an internal search from a religious and a secular sphere. Through my jewelry I question existence. I intend to do this by reflecting on the equilibrium of the opposites. The heart embraces the whole of existence, life and death, presence and absence, love and hate, good and evil, happiness and sadness, passion and despair, faith and disbelieve.


Artist’s website


Lorena will be exhibiting in the Comments exhibition in the Unlimited Substance series from 06 March to 16 March 2015.


Lorena will also be exhibiting in Perfect mutations from 08 July to 19 July 2015 and Moving towards light from 02 September to 22 September 2015. 


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