Jan Turzo

Jan Turzo

Jan Turzo


Materials and techniques: This two issues are on the end of my creating process. First I am inspired. Then the brainstorm starts in my head, and afterwards I just put it on the paper. Yes, sometimes it happens… but mostly it is hard work – adjusting and refining composition details. It is a bit designer’s workflow. Yes I confess I am a designer, and the worst of the kind: an industrial designer. But I am also a blacksmith, so I love all kinds of steel, metal-working machines and all sizes of hammers… Specifically this projects are worked out by 2D CAM cutting machine and 3D print. It suits these projects the best because I need to process big amount of ornaments. It is created in steel. But maybe I’ll go also to plastic – it brings a bit of color here.

Inspiration of ideas: In this case I was inspired by metal fences from communistic era. People survived by building their homes and stopped caring about everything around their street or village. There was nothing to care about, but lots of time… So during this communistic years people became really indifferent, but on the other hand they become creative. Metal fences were a signature of their homes. They D.I.Y. or with neighbours’ help. This is a point of interest in my primary ethnographic research. It is not just “take a photo research” – I also tried to speak with creators and people who live there. I ask about their inspiration, ideas and also materials and techniques 🙂 Secondary I like to promote this research. First idea was do it by printed media. But my next thought is do it by jewel. And it works – when people are interested, they are also willing to read something, and they start to care… and maybe a think a little bit.

Here is a booklet about my neckpiece and rings that were exhibited in the Comments exhibition

Here is selection from my research

Artist’s website

Jan will be exhibiting in the Comments exhibition in the Unlimited Substance series from 06 March to 16 March 2015.

Bridie will also be exhibiting in Perfect mutations from 08 July to 19 July 2015 and Moving towards light from 02 September to 22 September 2015. 


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