A series of seven exhibitions will be held at Gaffa Gallery Sydney from January to April 2015. The exhibitions will feature the work of contemporary jewellery and object artists, makers, crafters, designers and metalsmiths. Established and emerging artists from Australia and the rest of the world have been selected to participate in the exhibitions. The skills of other creative types such as writers, musicians and illustrators will also be garnered to bring each exhibition’s mood together.

An additional exhibition will be held at Chrissie Cotter Gallery Sydney in July 2015. And a final exhibition will be held at Tacit Contemporary Art Gallery Melbourne in September 2015.


Schedule of exhibitions in the Unlimited Substance series:

08 January – 19 January – Earworms

22 January – 02 February – Honed

05 February – 16 February – Dark metamorphosis

19 February – 02 March – Let your hair down

05 March – 16 March – Comments

19 March – 30 March – On the horizon

02 April – 13 April – Creation * Protection * Transformation

08 July – 19 July – Perfect mutations

02 September – 22 September – Moving towards light


About the theme: Unlimited Substance

The field of contemporary jewellery spans a wide variety of applied practices and ideas. There is a great deal of hands on exploration and crafting of materials, as well as, a deep contemplation of the nature of and associations to materials. Pieces are resolved with a keen awareness of the way that they relate to different parts of the human body, as well as, how the pieces are transformed when they are worn by a person.

The series of exhibitions in ‘Unlimited Substance’ will highlight the diversity of practice in the field and the high standard of skill employed to bring the pieces to life. The exhibition themes will raise critical commentary by featuring pieces that relate to our bodies and their movement through the world. They will also explore the mood, poetry, expression and narratives that can be communicated through the pieces, and experiment with the context in which contemporary jewellery and objects are displayed.


About the gallery: Gaffa

Gaffa an artist run initiative located in the centre of the Sydney Central Business District. Located at 281 Clarence Street Sydney, it is only 2 minutes walk from the major train station Town Hall – see map here. Gaffa is housed in a heritage building that has three floors. The first floor includes a shop that sells contemporary jewellery and objects, a cafe and other experimental retail projects. The second floor is made up of four galleries in which a wide variety of contemporary art and design is exhibited. The third floor is a studio and workshop space used by contemporary jewellers.

Exhibitions 1 to 7 will be held at Gaffa.


About the gallery: Chrissie Cotter

Chrissie Cotter gallery is run by the local government area of Marrickville Council for use by community groups. It is located on Pidcock Street in Camperdown, Sydney, which is just a short bus ride away from the major train station Central – see map here. Camperdown is known to be a culturally vibrant area and you will see lots of street art and public parks around the area of the gallery.

Exhibition 8 will be held at Chrissie Cotter.


About the gallery: Tacit Contemporary Art

Tacit Contemporary Art is committed to supporting emerging artists. It is located within Melbourne city and encompasses five gallery spaces. Tacit supports the educational charity ACE (Act, Change, Educate) by donating the rental of the Project Space to the Happy School in Phnom Penh Cambodia.

Exhibition 9 will be held in the Project Space at Tacit Contemporary Art.


About the curator: Michelle Genders

Michelle completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) majoring in Jewellery and Object Design at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney from 2006 to 2009. During her studies, she organised three group shows in collaboration with fellow students – Cave (2007), Thought Process (2008) and Objectionable Intentions (2009). She also attended the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia (JMGA) conferences and workshops in 2008 and 2010, as well as, the Awkward Objects symposium in 2009.

Since graduating, Michelle has continued to develop applied making and crafting techniques in her art practice. Although her work has expanded to larger scale drawing, sculpture and installation, her practice retains links to contemporary jewellery. In 2011, she co-curated and exhibited her work in Above Earth, Below Sea – a group exhibition featuring a collective of Japanese and Australian jewellers. Her work has been included in more than 20 group exhibitions since 2007 and she has presented three solo shows – Phenomenal (2012), Possibilities (2012) and Cosmic Orb Weavers (2013).


Thank you to:

Taisuke Nakada, Rui Kikuchi and Constanze Schreiber for the use of their images to promote the ‘Moving towards light’ exhibition.

Greens councillor Sylvie Elmore for opening the ‘Perfect mutations’ exhibition on behalf of Marrickville council. 

Anna DavernConstanze Schreiber, Nora Rochel, Taisuke Nakada and Zita Ying-Hsun Hsu for the use of their images for the ‘Perfect mutations’ exhibition invitation. 

All of the staff at Gaffa gallery, particularly Liz McCrystal, Grace Mackay, Kelly Robson, Cara Hine, Chris Ka Leung Li and Talia Smith. 

Adelina Parissi for setting up and running the Pozible campaign.

Jessica Winchcombe for the series invitation image that features her neckpiece Harlequins Safety Net, image by Shantanu Starick. 

A and E Metal Merchants and Eckersley’s art and craft stores for sponsoring the series.

Satoshi Nakamura for the blog header image that features his brooch Thunderstorm in May (2014).

Janny Huang Yokota and Linus Tsang-Hsuan Lin for their work in establishing and coordinating the ‘Let your hair down’ exhibition.

The co-directors of Studio 20/17 Melanie Ihnen and Bridget Kennedy for their support and feedback during the development of the exhibition themes.


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